The upper reaches of the Bristol Channel has a reputation for being an excellent place to fish. The huge tidal influence, which is the second largest in the world, offers the angler a variety of fishing and species throughout the different seasons.

CaptainAccess for the boat angler was vastly improved with the opening of Portishead Quays Marina where there are many fishing boats including some charter boats which cater for individuals as well as party bookings. Details of these boats can be obtained from Reel Fun tackle and bait shop where you can also obtain all the information and bait requirements for an enjoyable day fishing whether from shore or by boat

Portishead also has a thriving small boat and sea angling club so you can combine your day’s angling with regular social events and competitions.

Visit the club website at for full details.

For many years the waters around Portishead and Clevedon have been a Mecca for the ever popular Cod fishing with some big fish being caught.

Cod and Whiting migrate into the channel during the autumn and winter whilst in spring and summer a good variety of other species migrate into the Channel. Species including Rays, Dogfish, Conger, Sole and Bass arrive in abundance. You will see from the chart below when the different fish arrive so you can book your trip choosing the best tides and times to enable you to catch your target species.

In recent years we have seen increasing numbers of Smoothound, both common and starry, being caught. These extremely hard fighting fish are well worth targeting to ensure a fantastic fishing day, and for those who take the opportunity to travel further down the channel you may well catch other species of Ray.

Another sport fish that will literary tear the line from your reel is the Tope which can be caught at Aberthawe and surrounding areas.

Reel Fun also stock an extensive range of equipment from major tackle companies and are very competitive. Catch reports and all the local knowledge is available here too; so call in to Reel Fun whether you are a new to sea fishing or an experienced angler.

Whether booking a charter or fishing from your own boat take the time to ask your skipper or call into Reel Fun to enquire upon the best baits, tackle, and rigs. They will also advise you what size of tides are the best for your fishing day afloat.

Article written by Steve @ Reel Fun

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